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Bulbous Marine & Mining Services Procurements and supplies ensures 24/7 coverage in all time zones, worldwide. Planned maintenance helps reduce the risk of equipment breakdown at sea but cannot eliminate it entirely. Climate, temperature and vibration can all cause a main engine, gear box, generators and power pack, Air conditioning system, refrigeration system, COPs, boilers and other crucial onboard equipment to break down. When this happens, the first priority is to get the equipment operating with minimal disruption to the vessel's schedule. Call our Customer Services for immediate delivery.

We arrange to supply Dredger spares as we understand your business more than anyone do.

BMMS Procurement Service offers you:
  • Customer Services with dedicated spares teams in Mumbai, Alang, Singapore, Houston, London, Kobe and Shanghai.
  • 24/7 coverage in all time zones
  • A wide range of spare parts related to any systems, be it a Branded Equipment or General Equipment
  • Experienced marine personnel; ready to assist in sourcing and dispatching needed spares
  • Delivery of quality spare parts quickly and efficiently
  • The ability to source needed spares quickly and competitively due to do our size and purchasing power
  • Where necessary, shipments can be delivered directly to a vessel, further saving time and expense


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