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Independent Inspections

BMMS Procurement Service offers you:
In today's maritime scenario, Condition Assessment of vessels prior to purchase, technical management or chartering has become vital to ensure trouble free commercial operations. You can join the numerous owners and financial institutions that rely on our pre-purchase inspections to make strategic decisions about taking a ship/Dredger under their wings. Our experience, together with standardized reporting procedures, guarantees superior service. Our global presence offers the possibility of cost-effective and quick placement of inspectors, at short notice, in most parts of the world.

Where time is money
The difference between a good ship and a 'great' ship is the ability of the ship to consistently meet the demands of the charter party terms. In a world where the physical condition of the ship coupled with vessel management systems determine the eventual outcome of the voyage, it is important for the charterer to get an all round evaluation of the prospective vessel before they are hired. The inspectors at BMMS Technical & Operational Solutions have the necessary skills to evaluate the ships condition and the management system to give you the larger picture. You benefit from the experience that our inspectors bring to the vessel giving you a better understanding of the condition of the vessel and the reliability of the management systems.

We do in depth analysis and long term calculation for your Dredging site, advise suitable equipment, Dredgers & Man power, as these vary as per your Dredging sites.

Ensure your asset value
The commercial value of a vessel is dependent on a lot of factors, including market conditions that you have little or no control over. However, what you do have control over is how well the asset value of the vessel is maintained by the shore based and shipboard management. We can assist you evaluate the safety condition of the vessel through our shipboard assessment program. With a thorough condition assessment, you will benefit by getting a comprehensive picture of the vessel and the consequences of letting her continue in service. Our reports shall outline for you the necessary improvement solutions to keep her fully operational and compliant with regulations applicable at the time.


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