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Crew Management

The officers and crew occupying our vessels are the key to the upkeep of our huge investment floating out at sea. We understand the quality of human expertise is the most important factor in the management of a vessel.

Dredging operation being a challenging task, we have a strong team of Crew, Engineers, Technicians, & Managers on whom you can rely your business on.

Hence we present and apply the highest standard in HR management

Crewing Services include:
  • Crew planning, crew processing, database management, crew accounting, payroll & allotments.
  • Crew recruitment from a Global network.
  • Screening and processing of crew based on client's needs and forthcoming goal.
  • Crew training & Human Resource development to add more value for clients
  • Performance analysis and manpower acquisition strategy development.
  • Commercial aspect of demand & supply of Human Resource in growing shipping business.

We aim to become your Strategic partner, developing Human Resource in a cost effective and quality minded way to create future ready human resources.

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